Footbridge over the Dee

Chester, 2010

About Us

Welcome to my website. I am a New Zealander by birth and served my apprenticeship in Auckland as a ship, yacht and boat builder, although today I live in Boston, Massachusetts. My lifelong interests have been sailing and genealogy. It was my mother, many years ago, who sparked my curiosity about our shared heritage that set me on this trail of discovery. In 2008, my wife suggested I take early retirement in order to sort through the large stack of notes and family reminiscences that have accumulated over the years. My research and writing has initially concentrated on my paternal ancestors and after many hours of delving into available records I have now published the first of my family histories. There are others waiting in the wings.

It has been a tremendous effort putting together this book that eventually took on a life of its own. I have enjoyed all the parts immensely—researching in libraries and on the internet, double-checking information that has come to me over the years from various sources, documenting and cross-referencing all the accumulated data, reaching out to family members around the world, visiting the areas in Cheshire where our family lived, worked and worshipped, and finally getting it all down on paper. It has proved to have been an exciting adventure and one that I would like to share with you.

​Enjoy, Gil Littler

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