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An in-depth history of the early Littler family of Cheshire, England and their home, Wallerscote Manor.

The book includes pedigree charts, maps, photos and an extensive index.

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​Littler families of England

It is hoped this site will become a reference point for others researching the Littler name. Not only to share our findings but also to help in breaking down those brick walls that are sometimes encountered during our research. Too often strong pedigree lines are developed only to be brought up short by a lack of records; or too many ancestors with the same given name in the same place and in the same period of history. (See PUZZLES tab.)

Beyond Wallerscote Manor: The Littler Family of Cheshire, England is the result of my own research and explores our family and their origins in Cheshire. The narrative begins with an overview of the county of Cheshire and the areas pertinent to the early Littler families. Building on earlier work by others, my story documents the ten generations of Littlers who lived at Wallerscote Manor up until the time of its sale to Hugh Cholmondeley (1636) before examining what became of the Littler family after the sale of the manor and through the time of the English Civil War and Interregnum (1642-60). During those years of unreliable records, I have endeavoured to establish a direct link between my ancestors and the last of the Littlers living at Wallerscote Manor. Subsequent generations of the family are then documented through to the time of my great-grandfather's departure from England for the Southern Hemisphere in 1860.

Littler One-Name Study: Registered in 2015 with the Guild of One-Name Studies, the aim of the study is to document all occurrences of our name upto and including the 1841 census for England and Wales. Because my own research has centred largely on 16th and 17th Century families, these records will generally be the first available. The counties of Cheshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire are where we find most of our Littler families, although there was a sizable grouping further south; in Hertfordshire, Essex and in Greater London. This page is under construction, April 2016.

This website will be continuously updated as new material becomes available to share.